About us

ILand-Guard brings an innovative methodology to the security and site surveillance market, blending ingenuity, state of the art technology and the brilliant minds of our in-house watch guard and management team. We are leaders in the provision of full on-site and perimeter protection, proudly offer outstanding customer service and reach to a range of industries and vertical markets: industrial, agricultural, municipal and government sites, residential areas, commercial spaces, manufacturing plants, factories and more.

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We monitor your cameras remotely 24/7 A personal team member's eyes are watching your business at all times

Who We Are

ILand-Guard was established by a group of experienced Israeli military intelligence officers who faced business and personal security challenges. We collaboratively joined forces, and developed an innovative methodology, blending brilliant military strategies and tactics, advanced digital technology and human intelligence for top tier site security and protection.

Our Mission and Goals

Our goal is to provide a remote, hermetic security and site protection solution that prevents theft and damages, while also supervising your site operations to ensure business revenue is leveraged, and risk and/or loss are minimized. Our proven and viable methodology offers excellent ROI, and saves money on manpower resources and business overhead with a holistic, end to end security service.

The Method

Our security surveillance and control center employs professional, trained and skilled watch guards that consistently view your surveillance camera footage. We remotely monitor your site to enforce 24/7 protection and prevention of violations and damages. Our user-friendly mobile app keeps you informed and alert of any concerns 24/7, while on-site loudspeakers project messages to deter criminal activity from

Our Security Surveillance and Control Center Services

Our state of the art system integrates your existing surveillance cameras, site’s loud-speakers, our mobile app, and our trained and professional team of watch guards that focus on your camera’s surveillance footage attentively. Our team will ensure your business and site operations are safe, so employees adhere to procedures, regulations and policies at all times.

What Makes ILand-Guard Unique and A Leader In the Security Sector?

While other companies passively wait for a trigger to notify in-house security staff of a safety concern, the team of watch guards at ILand-Guard proactively monitors your camera’s surveillance footage with deep concentration and focus; our eyes are wide open and remotely watching your site’s activity 24/7. We identify the intruder in his preliminary stages of examining the site, as he searches for the ideal spot to break in and violate your property. With our watch guards remotely identifying him as a potential threat, we prevent any escalation of crime and violation of your site’s security.
We offer a viable, holistic, and full perimeter security service, protecting your site with consideration and awareness of your security needs. Our system and method utilize digital solutions and technology blended with human intelligence for accurate real-time reporting, monitoring and assurance of your security and safety.

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