Cities & Neighborhoods

ILand-Guard offers a full perimeter and on-site city protection program. Our smart cities are fully monitored, so even the most tempting points of entry for violating criminals are difficult to breach. We ensure your homes, streets, residents and all institutions and their surroundings are monitored, offering everyone peace of mind and a sense of comfort, with a guarding force keeping you safe.

Our hermetic and remote surveillance solution integrates military strategies, providing leading security & surveillance services for cities and neighborhoods. Our surveillance and control center staff monitor all internal city activity, along with the full perimeter and periphery of the municipality 24/7. We enforce safety and security, protecting you against even the slightest breach of protocol. Our collaboration with local security and law enforcement organizations provides the highest level of protection, overseeing your city’s dynamic in times of extreme crisis, or for standard and ongoing security and protection.

Smart Cities: Peace of Mind for all Residents With Our Methodology & Program

With modern technology that offers state of the art features and abilities, municipalities can increase residents’ quality of life, personal safety, and overall city security. Our Smart City Program blends the deployment of your surveillance cameras with the technology of our surveillance and control center. Sensitive and targeted flash points that are prone to trouble are closely watched, and criminal activity is deterred.
Our professional watch guards are trained to learn and understand the routine behavioral and activity patterns of your city, with our knowledge of your municipality’s protocol leveraging your city’s safety. Our Smart City program truly creates an intelligently secured municipality with state of the art solutions and agile communication protecting residents, visitors and citizens from harm.

Safe City Project:

Benefits of Solution

  • Big Brother protection: residents enjoy peace of mind with a guarding force overseeing their safety and security
  • Deters criminal activity and organized crime
  • Perpetrators are aware of the municipal Smart City Program that enforces security, significantly reducing crime rates by intimidating criminals.
  • Immediately notify collaborating law enforcement parties (police, security companies, and other organizations on board).

Identify suspicious activity

We calls in law enforcement

Prevent criminal event

Criminals seek alternate locations

Crime rates are decreased

Quality of life is leveraged.

Air-Raid Surveillance Services Tailored To Your Needs: ILand-Guard Keeps Your City Safe

  • Monitoring Educational Institutions:

in schools, causes for concern, or any suspicious scenarios, objects or individuals in the vicinity or periphery of educational institutions. The ILand-Guard team immediately report concerns to you via our mobile app, notifying authorities to prevent event escalation.

  • Monitoring Parks and Playgrounds:

Public parks designed to offer a safe and recreational environment for children can often attract criminals with a track record of pedophilia, abuse, assault or kidnappings. Parks and Playgrounds often serve as a gathering point for criminals prone to these and other forms of crime and vandalism. We immediately alert municipal authorities about any suspicious or unusual situations, so law enforcement parties can address the situation efficiently and in real-time.

  • Monitoring Parking Lots:

real-time alert via the ILand-Guard mobile app, keeping you aware of suspicious behavior or activity in municipal parking lots. By being fully astute to your city parking lots’ routine activity, we develop a keen sense of awareness to any abnormalities or signs of concern, preventing theft, vandalism and escalation of crime.

  • Preventing the Destruction of Property:

Our surveillance and control center staff will immediately report incidents of property damage, defiling, destruction, and vandalism to municipal authorities.

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