Factory Surveillance

Your daily factory activities can quickly escalate into an emergency situation, should employees and visitors disregard on-site policies, protocol and regulations. With innocent yet dangerous oversights like burners left lit, or an employee neglecting to wear gloves, you could be facing some serious repercussions and potential employee injuries. Protect your staff, business and overall operation from any possible robberies, hazards or concerns with our leading surveillance service.
We watch the surveillance footage of your factory’s activity continuously, to ensure you’ll be notified of suspicious situations, unattended equipment left running, and to prevent security and safety breaches of your site. We notify you of an unsafe conduct and internal theft to ensure your business operations are smooth, safe, sound and profitable.
Our watch guards are consistently and meticulously overseeing your factory activity, reporting any irregularities immediately.
With real-time reporting of any improper conduct or deviances from procedures, your factory operations are kept as smooth and sound as possible.
When your employees know that deviant and non-compliant behavior is reported in real-time, adherence to protocol and procedures is optimal, and the number of work accidents and/or loss decrease. Productivity is leveraged, hazards and injuries are minimized, and your site’s overall safety, security and operations are at peak performance.


Monitoring Employee Productivity

  • Leaving or abandoning personal work zone
  • Entering & leaving facility
  • Violating worker compliance agreement and regulations

Account for All Merchandise Loaded on Truck

  • Confirm all items are 100% accounted for
  • Report any irregular activity immediately to management


Monitoring Your Factory with Protection From:

  • Fires, burning flames that should be extinguished and any fire hazards
  • Machines left running or operating that pose threats
  • Burglaries, robberies, breaches, break-ins, perimeter theft, violence
  • Internal employee theft or deviance from following rules and regulations
  • Vandalism inside or outside the vicinity, or surrounding area

Utilizing Preventive Measures to Protect Assets:

  • Loudspeakers with startling messages deter criminal activity
  • Communication & collaboration with law enforcement parties & security guard(s)
  • Activate our state of the art red light system to immediately block off entry, reinforce boundaries or crossings

Preemptive System to Prevent Intruders

  • Identify threats of burglary & suspicious behavior to prevent escalations of damage to the facility
  • Monitor & report irregular, illegal or concerning activity

Connect with Us: Our Mobile App Allows Quick and Easy Communication with Staff

  • Immediately alert & notify of any on-site concerns or issues
  • Watch guards immediately sends footage, pictures or video of unusual activity

Supervise Workers to Protect Your Business and Staff Against Danger & Hazards:

  • Abide by rules, regulations and protocol of business operations
  • Identify unsafe activity and/or use of factory equipment
  • Report smoking in non-designated areas.
  • Notify customers of internal staff lacking protective equipment like:
  • Mask
  • Safety Goggles
  • Helmet
  • Safety Gloves
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