Farm Security

ILand-Guard’s team of watch guards can pinpoint any unwelcome visitors, and we’ll instantly warn you of their presence to protect your site’s security. Our watch guards are so professionally trained that they will even monitor the behavior of your farm animals, to ensure their health and well-being are optimal. Our services extend as far as recognizing when livestock or farm animals show any unusual signs pointing to health issues, hazards, or possible causes of illness or even death. We look out for any indications that animal feeding times, healthcare and perimeter safety stray from protocol, minimizing loss and maximizing protection of your farm.


Monitoring & Securing All Farm Equipment Including:

  • Tractors
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Animal equipment

Monitoring Farms to Prevent Damage of Livestock

  • Predatory animals
  • Theft or abuse of livestock or animals

Utilizing Preventive Measures to Protect Assets

  • Loudspeakers for messages that deter lurking criminal activity
  • Connect and communicate with law enforcement and security guards
  • Activate red light system to block off the area and prevent break-ins or escalation/progress of crime

Preemptive System to Prevent Intruders

  • Identify threats of burglary & fire
  • Observe & report irregular activity


Monitoring the Health of Each Animal

  • Reporting anomalies in livestock conditioning

Monitoring & Reporting on Livestock

  • Pregnancy status update of livestock
  • Ensuring all livestock inventory is accounted for

Monitoring Workers Activities

  • Feeding animals at proper time intervals
  • Abiding by full safety regulations of the farm
  • Ensuring workers’ 100% compliance with protocol, procedures and regulations
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