Our Team of Watch Guards

Surveillance Observation is a Profession:
Our Team of Watch Guards

The team of watch guard experts at ILand-Guard understands the importance of your business, site or area’s safety, security and protection.
We understand and abide by the principle that being an astute, observant and alert watch guard requires professional training and the right set of talent, intelligence and responsiveness to address any situation under pressure or in an emergency.
As a leading security company that monitor’s your site’s safety, we only recruit individuals with outstanding concentration skills and attention spans to monitor your site diligently. Our watch guards are generously rewarded for all of their achievements, providing them with added incentive and positive reinforcement for their dedicated work.
With a range of clients and customers from diverse verticals and our vast experience tracking alarming activity of any space, we have the know-how and tools to identify unusual patterns of behavior and activity, preventing potentially dangerous situations from escalating into seriously harmful or damaging events.

How Do We Identify, Target and Report On-Site Signs of Criminal Activity?

We identify suspicious vehicles based on their navigation, behavior and timing of both, while also offering our skills and ability to identify unwanted visitors.
Based on your needs, we can even monitor and report employees deviating from protocol, intruders, and potential threats of unwelcome visitors that pose any concern to your site, business security and/or safety. By researching and learning the standard activity and routine of your site, preventing security or safety threats is simplified, effectively preventing fire outbreaks, theft or criminal activity. We train our crew of watch guards to analyze site visitor and staff body language, meeting your every need from start to finish.

A Drilldown of the Sites We Frequently Watch, Monitor and Protect.

Establishments – our team of watch guards identifies unusual behavioral patterns of site employees and visitors that may lead to internal theft and real-time safety problems, such as a fire left unattended or burning. This only scratches the surface of how we can help you improve business productivity by minimizing internal theft and deviance from operational protocol.

Farms and Agricultural Sites

watch guards study the daily, hourly and standard operational routine of your farm to extend their ability of identifying any unwanted or unexpected visitors. We immediately notify and warn customers of the unwanted visitor’s arrival to ensure optimal safety of your site. Watch guards also learn how to monitor farm animals’ behavior, easily identifying concerns, health hazards, or potential factors that can increase illness or cause of death. 

Shopping Centers, Commercial Sites and Malls

based on research and statistics, most thieves monitor sites heavily and go to great lengths with time and travel to eventually break in and violate the privacy and security of your commercial site. With your surveillance footage actively watched by our team, a professional watch guard learns how to detect behavioral and navigational patterns of suspicious vehicles, individuals, or organized crime, immediately notifying partnering law enforcement organizations to deter criminal activity and violation of your site.

Protected Municipalities and Cities

our watch guards and team develop and apply the know-how to identify suspicious activity or individuals in an environment that’s designed to provide a safe residential community and space for children and families. Criminal meet-ups, lurking suspicious characters at odd hours that are cause for concern, and potentially dangerous threats will quickly be reported to the people in charge on the area.

We Provide 100% End to End Security Enforcement & Protection: Watch Guards in Action.

Who’s Monitoring Your Site?

ILand–Guard’s team of watch guards are professionally trained and qualified, well-rested, and highly attentive to your site’s surveillance camera footage during their shifts. Treated with the utmost respect and support, watch guards are provided refreshments, breaks, and alternate shifts with coworkers to ensure they are focused, aware and alert of your site’s activity at all times. Our management team monitors and oversees performance of our watch guards to ensure maximal security of your site. As we promote from within, our company structure and conditions allow staff to grow with us. In turn, we match each watch guard to their regular sites, providing you with consistent and vigilant site supervision and protection.

Defining the Difference: Our Proactive Methodology versus Passive Camera Surveillance

We perform a systematic study and review of our customers’ security requirements, products, services, protocol, and regulations for a thorough understanding of your site and operational procedures. By matching each watch guard to customers they monitor regularly, our team develops outstanding insights, responsiveness and knowledge of your site, securing it at the highest level possible.
Our cutting edge mobile application empowers our watch guards and team leaders to immediately report any serious concerns, issues or suspicious activity with the touch of one button. We send a powerful, audible alert to your mobile that simply can’t be missed via our app, instantly notifying you of concerns.